Trusted brand for over 20 years

Cerapol mocne kleje is a manufacturer of dry compunds. We produce pre mixes for insulation systems adhesives, tile adhesives, floorings, gypsum, screed etc. We have been improving our formulas for nearly 20 years, and achieved high quality products at reasonable price.

Apart of pre mixed products, which are a basis for further production of ready to mix products and require addition of cement and sand. 

If you wish to discuss you requirements further, please do not heitate to contact our English speaking representative  , mob. +48791433748

ETICS Insulation System

Cerapol  ETICS Insulation system allows safe and reliable heat insulation. The system composes of EPS and net adhesives, primer, insulation boards, net and top coat.


We offer pre mixed  adhesives for tiles and natural  stone which only need water to add to become.

You will find C1, C1T, C2 types of adhesives in our offer.


Thin layer and brick mortars can be used in a wide range  of construction types: starting from indivudual houses and ending up on apartments blocks.

Floor screed

Easy to use floor screeds can be used for light domestic use as well foe heavy duty industrial floors. 


We offer gypsum based adhesives and plasters to use inside the buildings. 


We offer concentrated chemical mixes which require adding cement and/or sand to produce  any of ready to mix with water

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